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MY CHRISTMAS, MY SMALL GREEN STEP- campaign at the Green Balkans Rescue Centre. [ 2012-12-23 ]

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Christmas is coming. This is the time when all our thoughts are open to good and noble deeds, and to what makes us happy.
Happiness can come from showing someone else generosity and kindness during this holiday period, targeting humans and animals that share a common home, planet Earth.

So if you want to share happiness, generosity and kindness this Christmas then why not try the “My Christmas, my small green step” initiative at the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Centre.

Why not give this gift to a friend? Adoption of an injured wild animal at the Rescue Centre.
So, not only will you help nature conservation you will be giving a gift that shows you care consisting of an original picture and a diploma set in a handcrafted frame made from recycled materials.

Make a small green step - donate funds towards the activities of the Rescue Centre, in line with the Christmas spirit, with each 10 Levs donation we will we give one cloth bag. It would be a great Christmas present so remember to share this green idea with your friends.

But it doesn't stop there.
Anyone who joins the campaign will have the right to choose one of the wonderful “Beauty of Christmas” illustrations from the children at the "PR Slaveykov” school in Stara Zagora. This will be a gift from us, for your Christmas green fairy.

And to get your desired Christmas surprise from the children - enjoy all the photos in the mail and indicate the number of the one you like most.

And.... Hurry, Christmas is coming.



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