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2012 has been a great year for ZOV, with your support and donations, helping launch new projects and helping more children than ever lead happy, stable lives and fulfilling their potential.


Key Achievements

  • Award from the Bulgarian Civil Society for best practice.
  • The ZOV OXAB projects were deemed the BEST social service in the Veliko Turnovo region by the Ministry of Social Support in Bulgaria.
  • A National TV Broadcast showcasing ZOVs work with the Penyo and Maria childrens home on Christmas eve  
  • "We wouldnt manage without ZOV, we are so grateful to you, you have always been by us and the children you have never stopped, thank you so much " Mrs Bankova Director of Penyo and Maria childrens home

Childrens Club

A weekly club providing english, dance, singing, art and sports sessions as well as a Saturday club to help groups and individual child with specific needs.

  • Children performed traditional Bulgarian dance and song concerts for audiences including the Vice President of Bulgaria, the Mayor of Veliko Turnovo as well as on National TV. “I felt as a real singer, wow! It was exciting!” Emily, 15 years old
  • Three children awarded an educational grant from Communitas for essay writing.
  • The children took part in the initiative “Lets clean Bulgaria for a day"
  • Children participated in a number of football tournaments and exhibited arts and crafts in the local community and at bazaars
  • One very talented child Methodi, who recieves paino lessons through the Childrens Club performed in a number of concerts..When i play the paino i feel connected to the paino .... I am happy" Methodi aged 17

Concert in Front of Vice President 


Martenitsa made in Art Club


Sports Sessions


Outreach Project

The Project helps prepare children for independent living through a series of coordinated activities aimed at improving lifestyles and preparing for life outside institutional care.

  • Children raised 350 lev selling homemade crafts at a local bazaar
  • A new weekly Educational Club involving twenty student volunteers established
  • 100% of children leaving institutional care, either went to university or gained employment.
  • Seven children over the age of 16 participated in paid work experience. This is the best thing I have ever did… I  wake up early and go to work on time, I feel grown up. When a young man starts work, he became a real man! Gospodin aged 18, working as a chef assistant
  • ZOV organised for three teenagers to participate in Fest 2012 in Sofia. Fest 2012 is a social initiative involving over 100 young talented people and children run by Communitas. 

Other Projects and Events

  • ZOV started a new children’s club working with children from Gorna Oryahovitsa home for disabled children “Thank you very much. I am so proud with the results I noticed for such a short term. ZOV has been so correct and good with us!” – Director of the Day centre
  • Two children gained placements to University and will be supported by our University Support Programme. Individual help and tuition was provided through the children’s club to help with school and university entrance exams. I did it!! I am a student, I can’t believe…. It won’t be easy but my dream came true. The Internships also will be very helpful as (life) is difficult and I want to study but couldn’t afford. I am so grateful to all the support you are giving me ….” Tseto aged 17 
  • Trip to kisilfor including children from five institutions and 40 students and mentors as part of the mentoring project
  • Additional recreational trips to Triavna, Sveta Gora, Dryanovo and Lyaskovets Monastery and the seaside in the summer months
  • Christmas presents and parties for children in three homes.

Christmas Parties 


Trip to Triavna


New Project at Gorna 


Looking forward to 2013

In 2012 the number of children participating in our projects has increased thanks to our ongoing support. We also started two new projects; our university support programme and children’s club at Gorna. A key to our success has been helping children participate more fully in our long term projects so please consider making a regular donation.  Thank you for all your contributions that improve life for children living in care. 

A big thank you to Friends of Bulgaria and Communitas for helping to  fund our key projects and to the following people for making all our work possible: George Karaargirov, Stanislav Genchev, Dimiltar Velikov, Conor Maxwell, Lucy Rosenstien, Olly Grundy, Jamie Kikaldy and Katia Zlatkova.  

If you would like to make a donation so we can help more children please see the following link:  http://www.justgiving.com/zovuk/Donate or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For more information on our work please visit our website www.zov.org.uk.

Charlotte Healey, Managing Director



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