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Green Balkans

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”
Edmund Burke

Dear friends and customers!

Our team takes our responsibilities towards nature conservation very seriously and we have undertaken to each make a small step to promote and support the preservation of our environment.

We are glad to share with you a way to get directly involved, supporting the Green Balkans Federation of Nature Conservation Organizations.

Green Balkans is a leading organization in the field of conservation of rare species and habitats in Bulgaria, being among Bulgaria’s oldest nature conservation NGOs.

Green Balkans is a NON-profit, NON-governmental, and NON-political organization.

Green Balkans has been working with enthusiasm and devotion to conserve the natural heritage of Bulgaria since 1988. The organization has achieved significant results in conserving some of the rarest species of the country, establishing the national network of protected areas, adopting the contemporary nature conservation legislation, changing the mindsets and strengthening civic society in the country. Green Balkans has provided opportunities for hundreds of people to get closer to the beauty of nature and get actively involved in its conservation.


Thanks to a number of volunteers, partners and international donors, Green Balkans has gained significant experience and developed leading capacity in nature conservation.  

Get involved!

        Become a member, take part and stay up-to date with the Green Balkans’ current activities! Check what’s pending at: www.greenbalkans.org and visit the section “How to help” for further guidelines!

        Adopt a vulture and become a part of the magical story of the return on an extinct species! Learn more at: http://www.greenbalkans.org/birdsofprey/life/indexdetails.php?menu_id=164

·         Adopt an animal from the one and only Wildlife Rescue Centre in Bulgaria, which functions as a part of the Green Balkans’ activities. Help a bird fly back in nature! http://www.greenbalkans-wrbc.org/category.php?language=en_EN&cat_id=48

        Make a donation, support the organization’s activities or current projects: http://www.greenbalkans-wrbc.org/category.php?language=en_EN&cat_id=46

        Check the options offered by our newly developed on-line shop: http://greenbalkans.org/shop/bg/

Dreams, like birds, have wings! If you share our dream for a better environment where humans are an integral part of nature, you are already one of us!




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