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SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria

SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria




We live in times of economic crises and natural catastrophes which endanger the lives of children. It’s also a fact that we live in times of technical advances and revolution. Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily mean a better world for our children… However, SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria always strives to provide a loving home for every child. We are in Bulgaria for 22 years and we take care for more than 700 children at present.

SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria was founded in August 1990 in Sofia. It was registered in the Sofia City court on 15.03.1991 as a Bulgarian non-profit entity and was registered under № 20021009009 in the Central register to the Ministry of Justice as an organization working in public interest.

SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria is a regular member of the international organization for social development SOS Children’s Villages International, uniting independent national SOS Associations in 133 countries worldwide.



This is the first phase of our support and it includes children aged 0 to 14 years. These children live in communities which unite 12-13 family houses. In each house there are 5 or 6 children who live with their SOS mothers or SOS parents who take care of them. The children go to local schools and nurseries and are successfully integrated into society.

We have two SOS Children’s villages:

SOS Children’s Village Trjavna was founded in 1993. Next year we’re celebrating its 20th anniversary. Twelve families live there.

SOS Children’s Village Dren was founded in 1995. Thirteen families live there.

Within these villages we have qualified teams of pedagogues, psychologists and social workers who organize and help school and out-of-school activities. Apart from this, the climate there is extremely friendly and it stimulates creativity. There are many children’s workshops for applied arts, vocal folklore groups, children’s choirs, sport clubs. A lot of competitions in football, basketball, athletics, martial arts, table tennis and chess are held.



This is the second phase of our support and it includes children from 14 to 18 years old. These facilities are simply a continuation in the tradition of the family based care that we offer. They provide home and care for the youths that have grown up in the SOS Children’s Villages and help and support them in their education. SOS Youth Homes are small communities of 14-16 youths, who live together under the care of educators.

There are two SOS Youth Homes in Veliko Turnovo, which admit children aged above 14 years from SOS Children’s Village Trjavna and two SOS Youth Homes in Sofia, which admit children from SOS Children’s Village Dren.


The final phase of our support. Here the key question is "Now what?" and it pops up in the heads of all young people who are about to leave SOS Youth Homes and start living on their own.

The “Semi-independent Living” Program aims to provide children and young people with individual long-term support, which is the key factor for the meaningful future.


Our Association prevents crisis leading to family separation. This is done through our Family Strengthening Centers for Family Counseling and Support which are part of the Program “Family Strengthening and Prevention from Abandonment”.

The four centers in Sofia, Radomir, Veliko Turnovo and Gabrovo work with disadvantaged families in order to prevent crises that can lead to family separation. They offer various forms of support to strengthen and stabilize families, so that children can grow up in their own families.


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